Explaining Healthy Sweets/ Mithai

Explaining Healthy Sweets/ Mithai

It is paradoxical that healthy sweets, or Mithai, are called healthy It doesn’t matter what the source of sweetness is; a sweet will always contain the same number of calories. When we talk about healthy sweets we must remember our two key words: moderation and control. When you have diabetes and want to control your blood sugar levels, or you want to lead a healthier lifestyle, moderation is key. Explaining Healthy Sweets/ Mithai

bodies turn food into sugars through digestion, which enters our bloodstream. Buying a sweet with a health label does not decrease its calorie content, but it may decrease some of the guilt we feel!

We should not believe that adding natural sugars like dates, honey, jaggery, or coconut sugar will make our desserts healthy. We cannot consume the deserts to our hearts’ content because these natural sugars are not available. They have the same number of calories as refined sugars. These natural sugars only have advantage in that their ‘glycemic index is lower, so their blood sugar levels are not as spiking as refined sugar. Explaining Healthy Sweets/ Mithai The kicker here is that we must consume these natural sugars in a very large quantity to reap the benefits of their added nutrients. This can include iron in jaggery or Niacin in dates, for example.

Therefore, healthy desserts or sweets are a relative term. It is just a matter of choosing the relatively more healthy dessert over the less healthy one. You can make wise decisions by following these steps:

Steamed desserts are healthier than fried ones, like sandesh and modak are healthier than gulab jamuns or jalebis.

  • The best baked products to choose are those made with whole grain flour instead of refined flour. This provides you with a healthy source of fibre and micronutrients.
  • Making your own food instead of buying prepackaged ensures that you’re not only lowering the amount of preservatives you’re consuming, but also controlling your portion sizes.

As a final note, remember that sugar-free’ is not calorie-free“. So limit your portion sizes. moderation is the key to a healthy life.

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