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Myths and Facts about Knee Replacement

Myths and Facts about Knee Replacement

Common fallacies often encountered by people undergoing knee replacement surgery include:

Myth 1:

After surgery, my knee won’t be able to bend properly.

Fact –After the procedure, you can bend your knees without pain. The pre-operative range of motion is a good indicator of your knee’s range of motion.

Myth 2:

Having a knee replacement hurts. The discomfort following surgery is severe.

Fact – Factual statement: Modern pain control is so sophisticated that the patient experiences no discomfort during the operation. To provide a pain-free procedure, anesthesia is administered prior to the surgery. Either a nerve block or an epidural infusion is used to treat post-operative discomfort. The most recent method of pain treatment is patient-controlled analgesia, in which the patient sets the analgesic dosage according to their level of pain tolerance.

Myth 3:

Fact –Implanting alien objects in my body could cause responses or negative side effects.

These synthetic joints contain certain metals that are safe for human bodies and can maintain their shape without having any negative consequences.

 Myth 4:

Recovery after surgery requires ongoing physical therapy, which prolongs the healing process.

Fact – A physiotherapist is not necessary for 99.9% of patients. Following a replacement, patients are taught how to exercise by their doctors, and they are required to practice at home. The majority of our patients begin using a walker the day following surgery. They can comfortably walk without any support for 2-4 weeks.

 Myth 5:

There is a considerable probability of knee replacement failure.

The danger of infection is the only risk associated with the entire surgery.

Fact: Because driving doesn’t put pressure on the knee, it becomes simple. The majority of patients begin driving 6 to 8 weeks after surgery.

Myth 7:

High blood sugar and diabetes Patients undergoing knee replacement surgery commonly hear the following myths:

Fact –It is no longer necessary to worry about blood pressure or diabetes while considering knee replacement surgery. Modern medications can regulate blood pressure and blood sugar, which is all that is needed.

Myth 8:

A knee replacement procedure is only effective for ten years.

Today’s joint replacements endure between 20 and 25 years, and for many patients, they last their entire lives.

9th Myth:

I’m too old to get surgery.

Fact: For this operation, age is irrelevant. If you have a clinical condition, you can get knee replacement surgery. Even at ages 90 and up, some individuals had knee replacement surgery and were satisfied with the results.