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  • Use floss at least once every day and brush twice daily. Observe the proper techniques for flossing and brushing as directed by your dentist. Brushing too vigorously and aggressively can damage your teeth. It’s pretty typical for people to not know exactly how to brush and floss. Always ask your dentist to explain and provide examples of the proper care for your teeth.


  •  Go to the dentist every six months. Typically, it is advised to have a professional cleaning every two years. To rule out common and uncommon dental issues that cannot be diagnosed clinically without radiographs, it is advised to have an annual radiographic examination of the teeth


  • Rule out teeth grinding and clenching. These cause substantial dental damage, thus finding techniques to manage and control them earlier in life can help to avoid extensive damage to the teeth, supporting bone, and jaw joint.


  •  Avoid refined grains and foods that stick to teeth. Additionally, stay away from carbonated beverages, which are infamous for hastening and exacerbating dental decay.


  •  Maintain your teeth in the best possible condition by treating them like a vital organ of your body. They support healthy eating, communication, a confident smile, and general well-being. Due to oral malodour, poor oral hygiene can cause social shame. Problems with the teeth can result in excruciating pain, discomfort, and dangerous infections that might the vicinity of the face and neck. The two most prevalent diseases in the body, tooth decay and gum disease, are known to induce inflammation in the oral cavity. This inflammation is known to affect the rest of the body’s health, including but not limited to cardiac, gynaecologic, pulmonary, and joint health.